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Blue Angels, Boeing among those who could feel effects from military budget cuts

The Blue Angels might need private funding to help it survive if military cuts are as deep as expected. (AP Photo/File)

If the military budget is cut, we’ve already learned the Blue Angels could take a hit.

Will they be gone forever? “They’ll survive but they’ll be scaled back considerably,” CBS military analyst Mike Lyons told Seattle’s Morning News.

According to Lyons, much like military academies, which need private funding to survive, the public may have to help pay to see the Blue Angels too.

Lyons said that it won’t be one branch of the military that gets hit either, all are at risk of losing funding. The Army may have to scale back some of their combat training deployment, while the Air Force would see a cut in flights.

A tanker contract with the Air Force won by Boeing has an unclear fate. Lyons said it’s an instance of “the government using money that’s directly impacting the military.” But, he added, “everything is on the table.”

Boeing had said winning the tanker contract in 2011 was responsible for 11,000 direct and indirect jobs in Washington state.

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