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Controversial test given to Garfield High School students

A judge has reinstated Garfield High School teacher Carol Burton after she was fired in late 2015. (AP)

Despite the protests of teachers, a controversial assessment test was given to students Tuesday at Seattle’s Garfield High School.

Teachers complain that the MAP test, Measures of Academic Progress, is not an accurate measure of student learning. Some parents agree and have decided to opt their kids out.

But Schools Superintendent Jose Banda issued a statement to staff, students and teachers at Garfield, calling the teachers’ objections to the test “sincere.” He directed that the test be given, saying he has a “strong obligation” to ensure the district is measuring student progress consistently across all schools.

“And if there were teachers who decided that they did not want to give them then we had substitutes available or administrators available to have the assessments done,” said Teresa Wippel, spokesman for Seattle Schools.

Teachers could face discipline for their actions, including suspensions and loss of pay.

“It could be a letter of reprimand, could be some suspension without pay, there’s a variety of things,” said Wippel.

A task force of teachers, community members and others will meet several times between now and May and advise the Superintendent on his decision to keep MAP for next school year.

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