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Bill Gates appears on The Colbert Report

Bill Gates was under fire Wednesday night during a hard-hitting interview about his charity work overseas on The Colbert Report.

“When you go around the world, do you at least wear and American flag, so people know this is American money? Do they know you’re an American when you get over there?” Stephen Colbert asked.

“Oh yeah, and they hope American innovation, generosity really continues to lead the world,” said Gates.

Colbert asked Gates if they’re having success in their efforts with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Some of the big things you’re shooting for are Polio, Malaria, we got these things on the ropes?” Colbert asked.

Gates said Polio was down to 250 cases last year and that in the next six years they hope to get it down to zero.

“It will be the second disease to ever be eradicated,” said Gates.

There was also some fun shots about Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates not being as cool as Apple founder Steve Jobs, and Colbert offered to explain e-mail to the tech genius after the two discussed Gate’s annual letter on the progress of the foundation which was sent out Thursday.

Watch the full episode featuring Bill Gates on The Colbert Report.

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