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Seattle Police kill man after shooting inside bar

Seattle Police shot and killed a man as he ran from a bar in the Central District after he opened fire on customers.

Police say the man went into the Twilight Exit at 26th and Cherry looking for his ex-girlfriend around 10 p.m. Sunday night. He fired several shots inside the bar, hitting his ex and a bouncer.

Deputy Chief Nick Metz told the Seattle PI the man ran out a side exit and right into several officers.

“They saw the suspect coming out the door with the gun in hand,” Metz said. “Officers loudly announced themselves. The suspect lifted his weapon and fired one shot at the officers.”

An officer returned fire and killed the man.

Both the woman and bouncer hit by bullets inside the bar are going to be OK.

The rest of the customers inside the bar were put on a bus and taken to a police station to give their statements.

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