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It’s over!


The House of Representatives, after 16 days in a strange and colorful land, finally discovered that it could have returned to reality whenever it wanted to.

And according to Standard and Poors, the cost to the economy of these last 16 days totaled $24 billion.

We lost $24 billion to discover that even politicians, who ran against Big Government, ended up wanting to restore just about everything that Big Government was doing.

We lost $24 billion delaying a result which the president predicted 16 days ago.

“There are enough reasonable Republicans and Democrats in the House who are willing to vote yes, shutdown would be over,” said Obama.

Twenty-four billion dollars delaying a result which Senator McCain predicted again eight days ago.

“We know how it is going to end. We will raise the debt limit,” said McCain.

But maybe, maybe it was money well spent. Because we got to know Senator Ted Cruz.

“We should fund the VA, Mr. President. The majority leader of the Senate refused to allow the Senate even to vote,” said Cruz.

And yes, it may have cost $24 billion. But hearing an opponent of government-run health care passionately supporting the veterans administration? Priceless.

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