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Cedar Grove composting sued over stink

Cedar Grove believes it's not responsible for the stink, but residents who have filed a lawsuit have no doubts. (Cedar Grove Photo/File)

People living near the two Cedar Grove composting facilities have finally had enough of the smell and they are suing the company for millions of dollars.

Nearly 80 people living near the Snohomish County plant and 280 people living near the facility in Maple Valley have filed a lawsuit against Cedar Grove. Each is asking the maximum $75,000 allowed by law for a total of over $26 million.

Byron Muck lives near the plant in Marysville. “It’s near the point where it actually burns your eyes and nose,” he said. “It’s a nuisance.”

The Herald reports the lawsuit claims the loss of personal enjoyment of properties, annoyance, inconvenience and discomfort.

Cedar Grove believes it’s not responsible for the stink, but Muck has no doubts. “They’ve pointed the finger at the Marysville sewer treatment plant,” he said. “They’ve pointed fingers at the Everett sewage treatment plant. They’ve pointed fingers at the tidal flats.”

The company was fined $119,000 in 2011 for odor violations. It has spent nearly $2 million on odor control.

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