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Washington Gov. Inslee to talk pot in D.C. with U.S. Atty General

Washington's Governor and Attorney General will meet with the U.S. Attorney General next week in the nation's capitol to talk about the state's pot laws. (AP image)

Governor Jay Inslee meets next week in Washington, D.C. with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to talk about the state’s new marijuana law.

“The Governor asked to meet with Attorney General Holder to discuss the marijuana iniative and its implementation and he’s asked our attorney general Bob Ferguson to join him as well so they’ll be meeting Tuesday afternoon,” said Inslee spokesman David Postman.

Initiative 502 legalizes recreational use of pot in Washington but it’s still illegal under federal law. Postman says the governor is certain this initial meeting will not resolve the conflict.

“I think we all see this as the beginning of what is probably going to be a long conversation about this issue but the Governor felt it was important to raises it early,” said Postman. “We know the federal policy on this has got to change and at the same time, we need to implement the law.”

A key concern will surely be whether the Justice Department will go to court to block the new marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado.

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