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GeekWire app of the week: Mind Vault

Mind Vault will remove portions of text you are trying to memorize to challenge you to learn it. (Image courtesy iTunes)

This week’s app of the week can be put to some practical use for those looking for a little assistance with memorization.

Mind Vault is a “memorization assistant” app available for iPhone or iPad.

GeekWire host Todd Bishop says the app was actually developed by Bainbridge Islander Noah Read.

The app is meant to help those trying to memorize a portion of text by removing portions to challenge them to learn it.

“The idea is you can enter any text that you want into the app and then you move a slider on the bottom of the app and it gradually takes away characters and words to the point where you’re actually remembering the words that are no longer there,” says Bishop. “As you go down gradually, you’ve memorized the whole thing.”

Bishop says the technique of removing portions of the text is a pretty well-known memorization technique, but now it’s available as an app with the ability to load in any text you want.

“Say you have something for work, or a speech you have to memorize, put it into this Mind Vault app and just play with the sliders, take the characters away, and you can learn it over time.”

Once you’ve learned the text, Mind Vault will also archive it, so that it’s always at hand for review.

The Mind Vault app is available for iPhone and iPad for $2.99.

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