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Another slide cancels Sounder north train service

Mudslides continue to hammer away at the Amtrak and Sounder passenger train route between Seattle and Everett.

Kimberly Reason with Sound Transit says a mudslide Wednesday again forced them to cancel service until Monday morning at the earliest.

Reason says the passenger train has been shut down 95 percent of the time since Thanksgiving.

“I believe it’s something like 40 percent more rain since Oct. 1 than we typically have in a rainy season,” says Reason. “As of today we’ve had to cancel 146 trips.”

The last slide on Monday had canceled trips through Thursday. Now travel will be halted until at least until Monday.

Reason says a new grant may bring improvements to keep so many slides from impacting the tracks.

“The state department of transportation has just received a grant that funding is now obligated to move forward with doing what it can to shore up parts of the shoreline along the track there.”

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