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Wanted: Phoenix Jones is taking applicatons for real-life superheroes

Qualifications for the super hero gig include military or martial arts training, a valid driver's license, and a clean criminal record. Oh, yeah, and you can't be crazy or a journalist. (AP Photo/Joshua Trujillo/File)

No matter how old you are, you may finally be able to realize your childhood dreams with the latest offer from Seattle’s own Phoenix Jones.

On KIRO Radio’s Andrew Walsh Show, the self-proclaimed superhero announced he is looking for a few good men and women to add to his team.

During his three years patrolling Seattle streets he’s seen too many imitators doing things all wrong, like the guy who went around beating up drug dealers.

“Amusing, but you don’t get anything done,” says Jones. “No one gets arrested. The guy just gets mad and goes back to doing the same thing.”

His work with the ‘Rain City Superhero Movement’ has given him the experience to do things right.

He admits that the real cops might say he’s not an official crime fighter. But he claims he has hard evidence he is doing good out there.

“Seventy percent of their crimes don’t get solved because they don’t have a witness. My team, not only will we witness, we have a team of lawyers we will bring for ourselves,” Jones explains. “I’ve been involved in over 100 cases where people have been prosecuted because of my testimony.”

So, what is he looking for? Some kind of police, military or martial arts training is a must. You have to allow them to do a criminal background check – and you can’t be crazy.

“A year ago we interviewed a guy who was absolutely crazy. His name was The Platypus,” recalls Jones.

The Platypus wanted to use ‘toxic balloons’ filled with his own urine in his crime fighting, but Jones turned him away.

Also, journalists need not apply.

“The last thing I need is, like ten years from now, a book coming out ‘Things I Learned with Phoenix Jones’ that just has all this crazy stuff in it.”

Oh, and the job doesn’t pay. In fact you may have to write a check if you want to be involved. The team splits the cost for their liability insurance.

You can find out more about the job at Phoenix Jones’ website.

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