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U-Haul truck stolen from Seattle women’s shelter

The search is on for a stolen U-Haul truck with all of the possessions of two women moving out of a Capitol Hill homeless shelter. (U-Haul image)

It was supposed to be the start of a new life. But what’s been a tough road just got harder for two women moving out of a Capitol Hill women’s shelter in Seattle who woke up to find their U-Haul truck containing all their belongings had been stolen.

Celeste Tanner tells KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show she had been staying at the Jubilee Women’s Center for about a year after being unemployed for five years and homeless for several years.

She and a friend, Bernida, were sharing a U-Haul truck so they could both move out of the shelter.

“My friend was also moving this weekend and because I’ve had some problems getting help with a truck, they offered me some space and were trying to help me load stuff on the truck,” said Celeste. “Everything that I’ve had here, basically other than my dirty laundry – every single stitch of clothing that I own.”

It was after 1 a.m. when her friends knocked on the door and told her that the truck was gone. Someone had hot-wired it and driven off with all of their possessions.

The stolen vehicle is a 14 foot U-Haul moving truck with an Arizona license plate numbered AD08516 and what is described as a “weird, neon, smiley spider” on the side.

Celeste posted on Facebook about the incident:

After my senior (as in over 60 years of age) housemate spent her whole day loading the truck, some clown hot wired it and drove off while the loading & driving lady was taking a shower to loosen up her bones. The plan was to take stuff to our respective new residences in the morning. So, some fool stole a truck full of fat old lady’s clothes (both of ours), knitting supplies (hers) paper crafting supplies (mine) and some used incontinence supplies that were to be tossed in the trash… and food items we’d gotten from the local food bank. No electronics or goods that would be valuable to the general public. Some haul, eh?

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