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One-third of Northwesterners believe in Bigfoot

A PEMCO survey found one-third of Northwest residents believe in Bigfoot. (AP Photo)

I’m not here to take sides on whether Bigfoot is real or not. I’m just here to tell you that a third of people in the Northwest believe the mythical beast could exist.

Pemco Insurance stuck two questions about Bigfoot into one of its surveys on driver behavior this year.

“We simply thought it was something we could tack on to those other survey questions just for fun, “Pemco’s Jon Osterberg said.

The questions were straight forward. “Do you believe it’s possible Bigfoot could exist? Do you believe you’ve seen or know someone that has seen one?”

“We asked it like a serious question,” Osterberg said. “So we got what we hoped was some serious data.”

The survey found 36 percent of people in Washington and 28 percent in Oregon believe it’s possible Bigfoot exists. Fourteen percent of Washingtonians believe they’ve seen or know someone who has seen the beast. Nine percent of Oregonians count themselves in that category.

This is the third time Pemco has posed this series of questions, and Osterberg said the results are similar to what the polls have found before.

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