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Thieves swipe weapons and ammo in robbery of Green Beret’s Puyallup home

One of the suspects in the robbery of a Green Beret's Puyallup home is shown in this store surveillance image. (Puyallup PD image)

Burglars made off with a significant number of weapons and ammunition when they kicked in the door of a Green Beret in Puyallup.

“Some significant items that were taken (including) several weapons, ballistic vest, some items for his profession as a Green Beret,” said police Captain Scott Engle. Engle said that during the break-in last month, the Green Beret was deployed overseas for training.

Detectives have
surveillance photos of four suspects, two men and two women, who tried to use the soldier’s stolen credit cards the day of the burglary last month.

Recently, officers recovered one of the stolen weapons when they made a drunk driving arrest.

“That person has a significant criminal history and incident of arrest, they discovered a handgun which was stolen in our burglary from the Green Beret’s home,” Engle said.

Detectives think the burglars pulled a car into the soldier’s garage to load the stolen goods. Engle estimated the loss at $20,000.

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