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Seattle district responds to Connecticut school shooting

The Seattle School District says it’s been getting a lot of calls from concerned parents after a massive school shooting in Connecticut on Friday.

Leslie Rogers, Chief communications officer for Seattle Public schools, says they have not had any threats in Seattle on Friday and security officers report normal operations at the schools.

The Seattle Police Department said officers have been directed to step up enforcement outside elementary schools.

Detective Renee Witt, a spokesperson for the department, stressed the importance of increased visibility at schools in Seattle.

“I know if I had a child in school it would be comforting for me to see a police presence in the area, so that’s what we’re trying to do,” Det. Witt said. “We are working with the Seattle Public Schools to ensure the safety of all our kids in school.”

Rogers also wants to assure parents that Seattle schools regularly prepare for lockdowns and evacuations.

“We take this very seriously and practicing is one of the best things that we can do,” Rogers said.

In accordance with state law, Rogers said they practice at least one safety related drill every month.

The superintendent does not plan to make a statement Friday regarding the shooting in Connecticut, but Rogers said teachers can talk to their students about it if they feel it appropriate. She’s betting there will good conversations on the high school level.

There is zero tolerance for firearms at Seattle schools.

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