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Monroe prison guards want multiple killer in chains

Prison guards are upset that a Skagit County man who killed six people in 2008 is able move without restraints while outside his maximum security cell.

Last week, Isaac Zamora was transferred from Western State Hospital to a maximum security wing at Monroe Correctional Center.

Officially, Zamora is still considered a patient, not a prisoner and under the control of the state Department of Social and Health Services. Corrections officers are told not to restrain him at times when prisoners in the same prison wing are put in wrist and leg chains.

Q13 Fox reports that guards complain they are in danger.

Zamora pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity following a shooting spree four years ago in which six people were killed and two others wounded.

A prison spokesman concedes that Zamora is treated differently but points out that so far he has not been a problem.

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