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King County Council throws life rope to embattled Pacific

The King County Council has voted unanimously to provide Sheriff's patrols, 911 and other vital services for the city of Pacific in case the city loses its liability insurance. ( file)

A vote expected by the Pacific City Council was delayed again Monday evening.

The council decided to wait another week while the city continues to look over their options.

With the embattled City of Pacific facing the loss of its liability insurance, the King County Council is taking steps to provide a backup to keep vital services going.

Councilmembers voted unanimously Monday to approve an ordinance paying for the King County Sheriff’s Office to provide patrol, 911 emergency response and major crime investigations services. The county would also cover emergency road repairs and flood response in case the city loses its coverage.

“We see a potential iceburg ahead and we’re going to try to add a lifeboat ahead of that,” said Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer, the prime sponsor of the legislation.

“The public should not suffer because politicians cannot agree amongst themselves.”

If Pacific loses its coverage Jan. 1, the city would lose most or all of its staff. That would leave it with no one to manage the city or maintain even essential services.

“As the city’s government decides its future, the residents of Pacific need to know that if there’s an emergency, will there be services available,” said Council Chair Larry Gossett. “This legislation gives them the knowledge that there will be assistance for them if it’s needed.”

The Pacific City Council is considering a number of options including dis-incorporation of the city.

Since part of Pacific also lies in Pierce County, the Pierce County Council is looking at similar measures.

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