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Re-thinking a yes vote for I-502

After seeing the images of people smoking pot under the Space Needle last week, KIRO Radio host Terry Jaymes says he regrets his yes vote. (AP Photo)

You could hear the city inhale just moments after midnight Dec. 6 when I-502 became law.

A large group of people were gathered under the Space Needle ready to light up joints and show the world Washington state voters approved legalizing marijuana.

After seeing the images, KIRO Radio host Terry Jaymes says he regrets his vote.

“For people who are supposed to be all mellow and high, you sure have an attitude,” Jaymes says. “Lighten up people.”

He says he’s happy it’s legal, but not so sure about the unofficial PR campaign.

“Where are all the soccer moms? Where are all the pillars of society which we know get high to take the edge off.”

Jaymes likened the Space Needle scene to Woodstock 1969. “Come on guys.”

Co-host Jason Rantz thinks it was a symbolic event where more of the stereotypical pot smokers showed up.

He also likens the celebrations to the gay pride parade, although this wasn’t exactly legal, because it was a message to the feds that smoking marijuana is going to be hard to crack down on.

But Jaymes is also worried about the image Washington state is painting for outsiders.

“This is going to turn into almost an Amsterdam thing. When someone says they’re going to Amsterdam, what’s the first thing you think of? Weed and hookers.”

He hopes Seattle doesn’t turn into the West Coast Amsterdam and he’s calling on all soccer moms and suits to attend the next 85 smoke outs in Seattle. Make people like Jaymes proud to have voted yes on I-502.

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