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Pacific Mayor Cy Sun caught with his hand in a mailbox, violating federal law

Embattled Pacific Mayor Cy Sun may find himself in some new, unwanted trouble. He may have broken federal law Saturday afternoon, by stuffing town mailboxes with a letter defending himself.

According to KING 5, Kris Mott, a member of the committee to recall the mayor, took video of Sun putting a three-page letter inside people’s mailboxes.

In the letter, Sun blames the City of Pacific’s problems on its city council.

Last week, Sun walked out of the city’s most important council meeting: the future of the 103-year-old city was on the table. Sun has been blamed for ruining the city in his less than a year in office.

So many people had wanted to give Sun a piece of their minds last Monday night that the council meeting was moved to a school gymnasium to handle the crowd.

“The mayor has to resign or quit or something, and everybody that agrees with me, I wish they would stand up and show their hands for the news media,” one man said.

Mayor Sun asked the crowd to sit down and be quiet, and then he walked out of the room, so the council was left to decide what to do.

Pacific is about to lose its insurance because the carrier believes the mayor is too unpredictable and the city is too risky to cover.

The Pacific City Council will vote on whether to dissolve as a city and be annexed into neighboring Auburn at a meeting Monday evening.

KIRO Radio’s Frank Shiers and Chris Sullivan contributed to this report.

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