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Siri, what is my name? You’re asking me, Dave?

Hello, Siri? I don't like the way you pronounce my name, says Dave Ross. (

Well like million of you I’ve just updated my iPhone operating system – it’s Apple’s last release, iOS7.0.

At least you can do it online – better than the days when you had to camp out in front of a store overnight.

I was a little surprised, because it changed the home screen, the typeface – and it was like when your wife comes home with a radical new haircut and you do a double take because you’re not entirely sure it’s her.

This is how intimate we’ve become with these machines. And in the iPhone’s case a big part of that emotional connection is Siri, the Speaker Independent Recognition Interface that responds to voice commands.

In the NEW operating system, she lets you correct her pronunciation, just by saying “I don’t like the way you pronounce that.”

So I tested it.

Listen and find out how she did.

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