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Washington State Senator Ed Murray to enter Seattle race for mayor

Washington State Senator Ed Murray announced his plans to enter Seattle's race for mayor on Wednesday. (AP Photo/file)

Another challenger has entered the race for Seattle mayor. Washington State Senator Ed Murray announced his plans to run for mayor on Wednesday.

“This city has given me much. It’s given me a lot as a young man who could be out in this city. It’s a city where I was able 21-years-ago to begin my life with Michael, to begin our family together,” said Murray.

The senator said there are still a lot of obstacles that could prevent him from becoming an official candidate, including not being able to raise money during the legislative session, but he’s up for the challenge.

Murray was recently named as the new state Senate majority leader, and has served 17 years in Olympia.

Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess also announced his intention to enter the race for Seattle mayor in November.

Mayor Mike McGinn began his re-election campaign in August, while real-estate broker Charlie Staadecker announced his candidacy in September.

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