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The most dangerous person to search for on the Internet is Lily Collins

If you're curious about Lily Collins and head to the Internet to find out, beware, McAfee has ranked the actress as the most dangerous celeb to search for online.(AP Photo/Abraham Caro Marin, File)

We now know who the most dangerous person on the Internet is: Lily Collins.

Now many of you may be asking right now, who on Earth is Lily Collins? You may then think to to yourself, ‘Self, I know what to do – I’ll do a Google search on her.’

But wait, don’t!

Lily Collins is an actress who has starred in movies such as “Mirror, Mirror,” which is a Snow White movie I never saw, “The Blind Side,” which I did see.

You would find that she is the 24-year-old daughter of singer Phil Collins.

But you might also find you’ve just infected your computer as a result of that search.

According to McAfee, the computer security software company, Lily Collins is the most dangerous celeb to search for online.

Virus-makers spread their viruses by attracting the maximum number of people to infected sites, and it turns out that massive numbers of men enjoy searching for revealing pictures of young actresses.

It turns out, virus-makers consider Collins excellent flypaper.

She beats out last year’s winner, Harry Potter’s Emma Watson. The others in the top five are Avril Lavigne, Sandra Bullock and Zoe Saldana; the only man to crack the top 10 “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm.

Oh, and one other name that could get you in trouble. Anderson Cooper’s best friend, actress and, cough, “comedian” Kathy Griffin.

Risks also increased when searchers added phrases like “free apps” or “nude photos,” as in “nude photos of Kathy Griffin.”

In my opinion, if you do a search for “Kathy Griffin nude app,” and get a virus on your computer, well, you kind of deserve it.

KIRO Radio’s Owen Murphy contributed to this report.

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