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Bellevue cops disciplined for bad behavior at Seattle Seahawks home opener

Two of “Bellevue’s finest” are being punished for bad behavior outside and inside the Seahawks home opener game in September at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

One of the officers was also found in violation of department policies when he drove home from the game under the influence of alcohol.

In September a few off-duty, apparently drunk, Bellevue cops hassled a Seattle police officer before the Seahawks home opener game. Their questionable behavior didn’t end outside the stadium according to some witnesses. People inside the game said the same officers were kicked out for poor behavior and because they were in violation of the NFL’s “fan experience.”

Police Chief Linda Pillo said that the actions of the officers, “although embarrassing and disheartening, did not rise to the level of termination.”

According to the Bellevue Police, 22-year veteran Corporal Dion Robertson was demoted to officer and lost his supervisory responsibilities on the Bomb Squad. Seven-year veteran Officer Andy Hanke was given a 30-day suspension from duty without pay and was removed from the Bomb Squad. The police department said both punishments resulted in a significant loss to annual pay.

A third woman, a Bellevue Police detective was exonerated and cleared of all allegations.

A fourth woman involved in the incidents did not work for the police department but is a City of Bellevue Utilities employee.

When the utilities employee threw her empty beer cup on the ground before a game that Sunday, she was confronted by a Seattle officer. When the cop asked the woman to pick it up, she did, but Robertson and Hanke began confronting the police officer using profane language.

The officers flashed their badges and taunted the Seattle cop. The Seattle police officer called her supervisor, but the Bellevue cop’s behavior continued.

Inside the stadium, fans who were sitting near the three Bellevue officers and utilities employee said they arrived late in the first quarter and immediately let loose with F-bombs and other foul language, appearing to be quite drunk.

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After complaints, the group was eventually escorted out of the game,and as they left the utilities employee made remarks to one of the complaining fans about “Bellevue’s finest.”

The BPD’s internal investigation also found that Hanke drove home while intoxicated. Hanke’s level of intoxication, however, was unclear, and there was no forensic evidence to indicate he was above the legal limit, meaning he won’t be prosecuted for drunk driving. However, Hanke’s actions behind the wheel violated the “Obedience of Laws Policy.”

On Tuesday, the two disciplined officers released apology statements:

To the Seattle Police Department, Bellevue Police Department, citizens of Seattle, Bellevue and to Law Enforcement professionals, I want to express my humble apologies to all involved for my inexcusable behavior on Sept. 16. I was completely out of line and not behaving in a manner anyone should.

While I cannot change the past, I can let you know I have taken complete responsibility and taken the positive life changes to make sure it never happens again. I am very sorry to have put all of you through this incident.

Most sincerely,
Corporal Dion Robertson
Bellevue Police Department


I want to sincerely apologize to the citizens and police department of the City of Seattle, the citizens and fellow officers of Bellevue, and to the staff and fans at CenturyLink Field for my actions on Sept. 16, 2012.

My behavior was inappropriate, disrespectful, and lacked the professionalism you expect from me in my position. I deeply regret the negative impact this has had on my fellow law enforcement officers and the citizens we serve.

Please accept my apologies and know I vow to always uphold the values of the Bellevue Police Department both on and off duty.

Officer A. Hanke

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