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GeekWire’s app of the week: Calcul8

One of the features of the Calcul8 app is a sale calculator. (Image courtesy iTunes)

A recent meeting at KIRO Radio involving numbers inspired this week’s app of the week.

GeekWire host Todd Bishop says he was sitting around with a crew of people in a meeting facing some calculations they couldn’t do by hand and he said, “You know we really need a math app.”

He says the rest of the group looked at him like he was a nut because there’s already a very useful device for this type of problem already available on most phones: a calculator.

But as a result, Bishop did find an app that he finds very useful.

“It’s kind of like a calculator for dummies.”

The app he discovered, Calcul8, works in a slightly different manner than your typical calculator.

Calcul8’s app description says it’s built for everyday situations. It includes six calculators, one for percentage, a sale price calculator, a date calculator, a gratuity calculator, and a loan calculator.

“CalCul8, really does it in English,” says Bishop. “What I like about it is it says, ‘hey, figure out the percentage for this, here’s the beginning and the end, and what the percentage would be.'”

The app is regularly $2, but for a limited time is available for 99 cents as part of a holiday sale.

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