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Comedian Katt Williams arrested for assault in Seattle

Comedian Micah “Katt” Williams’ troubles with the law have spilled into Seattle.

TMZ darling Katt Williams who recently ran from the police in Sacramento and was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in Los Angeles was arrested in Seattle on Sunday, after a busy weekend.

Seattle police say 41-year-old Williams was arrested Sunday after he got into an argument with patrons at the World Sports Grille near 9th Avenue N. and Westlake.

Police say Williams exchanged words with patrons, and threatened the manager with a pool cue. Police also report he flicked a lit cigarette through a car window and then threw a rock at the car.

Williams was arrested on suspicion of assault, harassment and obstruction. Officers say he was so belligerent when he was arrested outside the sports bar he had to be taken to the ground.

The arresting officer says Williams threatened that he would have the officer’s badge, and that he would sue the city. He claimed he had 30 recent arrests and was released every time. He also said he has millions of dollars, so this arrest wouldn’t affect him at all.

In fact, Williams was bailed out of jail Monday morning. According to TMZ, Suge Knight, Williams’ tour manager, foot the bill.

This all came after he canceled his Thursday show at Seattle’s Paramount, and then mixed it up with fans at his Friday show. Fans at the Friday show say they were simply trying to get a picture with Williams. He claims they burst into his dressing room.

Williams is best known for his role in the film “Friday After Next” and for video comedy skits and TV appearances.

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