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Exclusive: Ex-wife of Craigslist killing victim says couple ‘put my son’s life in danger’

Pam and her son are suing Jim's widow, Charlene Sanders, over money collected in a memorial fund following the 2010 murder. (AP Photo/The News Tribune/File)

The family of an Edgewood man killed after posting a Craigslist ad continues to feud over his memorial fund.

Pam Knoll is the ex-wife of Jim Sanders, the 43-year-old father of two killed during a home invasion that began with an ad offering a ring for sale on Craigslist.

Knoll is also the biological mother of Sanders’ 16-year-old son, Jimmy.

Pam and her son are suing Jim’s widow, Charlene Sanders, over money collected in a memorial fund following the 2010 murder.

Derek Sanders, Jim’s brother, slammed the lawsuit as “vengeful” and misguided on The Ron & Don Show.

“There was originally, probably enough to replace a couple months of my brothers wages,” Derek said Wednesday. “[Charlene] used that to pay bills, a couple credit cards – debt things that they had, because she knew she was going to be on a single person’s income going forward.”

Derek accused Pam Knoll of separating Jimmy from the rest of the family and manipulating the teenager into participating in the lawsuit against his stepmother.

“We have told Jimmy that we would love to have a relationship with him, we would love to be able to see him. We care about him, we pray about him on a regular basis. But it’s going to have to be him stepping up to his mom saying, ‘I know what I need. I need family and I need support.'”

Thursday, The Ron and Don Show received an email response from Knoll addressing Derek Sanders’ interview.

Here is the statement in full:

Jim and Char put my son’s life in danger by selling a diamond ring on Craiglist, unknowingly letting 4 killers into their home in order to get money to go on a vacation while they were already in serious financial distress. Sadly, Char did not include my son in “The Jim Sanders Family Fund” She used the money to pay off credit card debt according to Jim’s brother, yet decided to take a vacation this Summer to Paris.

My community along with people around the country donated money that was intended to benefit my son, Char and her son Chandler.

My son Jimmy is no different than any other kid that wants the security in knowing that he will be taken care of by his parents. He is a very hard worker with an excellent work ethic.

Jimmy has has suffered terribly to witness his dad being murdered in front of him. Jim was a terrific father to our son and is truly missed but not forgotten.

The public has a right to know that donated money does not always reach those intended for. My advice to you is do your research before donating your hard earned money.

I am my son’s advocate as any parent would do for their child’s best interest and I will continue to do so.

Pam Knoll

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