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Teen charged with murder of man in convenience store parking lot

A 16-year-old gang member was arrested Tuesday night in Tacoma in the fatal shooting of a man on Nov. 18 in a convenience store parking lot.

Police believe 45-year-old David Watson was killed during a robbery.

Pierce County say the Marcus Langford and another 16-year-old, James Stimson Jr., confronted Watson.

Watson was shot when he reportedly laughed and grabbed at the gun. He was able to drive about two blocks before he crashed.

Police say they found one 16-year-old while investigating another shooting.

“The defendants were wearing identifiable clothing the detectives were able to track back to them through social media, such as Facebook,” said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

Langford was charged with Murder in the First Degree and and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the Second Degree Wednesday. His bail was set at $1 million. A warrant was issued for Stimson, who remains at large.

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