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Hendrix sound man releases new Jimi song

Jimi Hendrix would have turned 70 Tuesday. And to honor the occasion, his former sound man is offering a listen to one of a number of previously unreleased tracks due out in a new collection next year.

In a video interview, record engineer and producer Eddie Kramer gives fans a sneak peak at “Somewhere,” the lead track for “People, Hell and Angels,” comprised of a number of songs Jimi was working on at the time of his death in 1970.

Kramer was the engineer for Hendrix’s classic Electric Ladyland and was director of engineering at the musician’s state-of-the-art Electric Ladyland studios, according to Rolling Stone.

In the clip, he says the new track featuring Stephen Stills and drummer Buddy Miles showcases Jimi’s unique sound. “That’s a fantastic example of Jimi’s amazing control of the wah-wah [pedal], the tone of the wah-wah – how that affects the whole song,” he says.

Kramer says Jimi felt most at home when he was working on his music at Electric Ladyland.

“In ’68 and ’69, Jimi was in the studio constantly,” recalls Kramer. “His whole life was in the studio.”

Kramer also gushes about Jimi’s enthusiasm for experimentation in his final days as he began recording the tracks.

“People, Hell and Angels” is due out March 5.

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