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Why you should do your research before buying Black Friday ‘doorbusters’

It turns out Black Friday isn't a great day to lay down your cash across all categories. (AP Photo/File)

Do your research. thinks it is a common misconception that you’re going to get great deals across the board on Black Friday.

The National Retail Federation projects the “average” holiday shopper will spend $750 on gifts, decor and greeting cards.

When it comes to getting deals, Seattle-based research company recommended people shop before or after Black Friday.

“Our advice to consumers is sleep in on Black Friday,”’s Shauna Causey told CBS This Morning. The best deals are actually before or after Black Friday, she said.

It turns out Black Friday isn’t a great day to lay down your cash across all categories. Only 30 percent of products looked at as “door-busters” were actually a good deal on Black Friday.

Anything video game-related falls in the minority and is a great deal on Black Friday. For loved ones in your lives already looking to lose those pounds on their New Year’s resolutions – home fitness equipment can be a bargain too.

What you shouldn’t buy for the kids this holiday

Above all, Causey said to do your research. “Consumers have more information at their fingertips than they have ever had before. So my advice and my hope is that they’re doing their research to get the best deal.” The Black Friday guru said it’s never been as competitive as it is now for retailers to get your business.

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