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Miley Cyrus – culture thief?


Sunday’s Video Music Awards drew 10.1 million viewers, up 4 million from last year – and credit has to go to Miley Cyrus, who was able to upstage herself with her own ***** which she deftly maneuvered as part of a dance called the Twerk.

The Twerk is a dance ritual designed to eliminate any trace of Mickey Mouse from your resume – although it is perhaps best known for getting a bunch of high school girls suspended in San Diego last May when they twerked for a video, which of course ended up going viral.

From the news report, “The video was shot on school property with school equipment. So when the teachers saw shots like this on YouTube they suspended all 33 kids involved.”

Now I’m sorry, I am not going to show you the video obviously, because some of you might be too old to understand.

But, surprise! It turns out the real issue with Miley Cyrus is not that she got too jiggy with it, but that she is a privileged white girl stealing from hip-hop!

Yes – back when Miley first started twerking to scuff up her Disney image, a feminist website named Jezebel complained her new “thugged out” persona is nothing but a privileged white girl “playing” blackness without being burdened by the reality of it.”

Basically accusing her of being a culture thief. Really Jezebel? Have we forgotten whose daughter she is?

He’s not exactly keepin’ it still, you know.

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