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Speed zone cameras up and running near Seattle schools

Dedicated school zone cameras went active this month catching speeders near four Seattle schools. (KIRO Radio/Chris Sullivan)

Seattle Police are moving the speed van out of several school zones, opting instead for new dedicated cameras to catch speeders.

The school zone cameras went active this month near four Seattle schools. They have been sending out warnings to drivers, but starting Nov. 26, the city will be sending drivers $189 tickets.

The Seattle Times reports the district and the police spent a few months looking at where the cameras would do the most good. They have been installed outside Thurgood Marshall Elementary, Olympic View Elementary, Gatewood Elementary, and Board-Thomson K-8.

The cameras are only active when the yellow lights on the signs are flashing. That only happens when kids are present, usually during the morning and afternoon walks to and from home.

These stationary cameras also free up the speed zone van to patrol other school zones.

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