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Many already want to line up for license to sell marijuana

Mikhael Carpenter with the State Liquor Control Board says it's too soon to get in line for a license to to grow, distribute or sell. (AP Photo/File)

Budding entrepreneurs are already wondering how they can get a license to grow, distribute or sell marijuana in Washington.

Passage of Initiative 502 has prompted lots of phone calls and e-mails to the state agency that will set the rules for its implementation. But, Mikhael Carpenter with the State Liquor Control Board says it’s too soon to get in line for a license.

“There’s no proverbial line, so to speak,” said Carpenter. “We are taking e-mail addresses and phone numbers and those people will start to receive mailings.”

The state will not start issuing licenses any time soon. “Initiative 502, while it gave us these responsibilities, it also allows us up to one year to craft all of these rules and regulations,” Carpenter said.

While the state agency works to set the rules for distribution and sales in Washington, the federal government still considers marijuana possession illegal and that conflict remains unresolved.

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