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Obamacare: The final smackdown


The president was on “The Tonight Show,” and no surprise, he managed to get in a plug for the launch of Obamacare in 54 days.

“On October 1, you’ll be able to get lower cost health care,” he said. “And we’ll give you subsidies, essentially, if you still can’t afford it.”

And that is exactly what anti-Obamacare crusader Senator Ted Cruz was warning Congress about last week.

The administration’s plan is to get the American people hooked on the sugar, hooked on the subsidy.

But there was the president on “The Tonight Show,” getting applause for some of the most controversial parts of the new law.

“Free contraceptive care for young women and families,” he said. “All that stuff is in place now – no lifetime limits.”

Which is precisely what is motivating the anti-Obamacarians like Ted Cruz to push for a budget measure that would fund every government program except Obamacare, knowing the Senate and the president would reject it, forcing real shutdown of the government on October 1, the same day the new health care choices go on line.

Last night, former candidate Mitt Romney himself warned it could backfire on Republicans. But Senator Cruz thinks Republicans can pin it on the president by simply standing firm and asking this question:

“Why is Barack Obama threatening to shut down the federal government? Because he wants to force Obamacare down the American people’s throats.”

Hmmm … what do you think. Is he right? That Americans will rebel against free checkups and government subsidies?

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