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Bellevue cops bad behavior not just outside Seahawks game


Earlier this week there were reports a few off-duty, apparently drunk, Bellevue cops had hassled a Seattle police officer before Sunday’s Seahawks home opener. It turns out their questionable behavior didn’t end outside CenturyLink Field. Witnesses believe the same officers were kicked out of the game for acting like jerks inside the stadium.

Fans who were sitting near the three Bellevue officers and one civilian said they arrived late in the first quarter and immediately let loose with F-bombs and other foul language, appearing to be quite drunk.

One man says their behavior was deplorable from the get go. “Jeff” told the The Dori Monson Show a “barrage” of f-bombs flew out of one of the officer’s mouth before he tapped them on the shoulder and asking them to stop. He was with his wife and 12-year-old son.

One of the cops was apologetic, but another told the man that his son had heard it all before and to relax. It grew heated when the man said he had paid $150 for the seats and didn’t want to hear it for two hours.

Jeff said he wasn’t the only one put off by the foul language, he saw an elderly man sitting in front of him flinch in reaction to the swearing.

“It’s not like I was trying to save the world, but there were other people uncomfortable with it,” said Jeff. So he asked them to stop again, and asked them if they knew about the “fan experience.”

It was on. ‘What are you going to do about it,’ one of them asked. The cops reportedly went after him, insulting him and calling him names.

Jeff raised his hand and brought over an usher. He told the usher what happened, and he gave them a warning, if it’s a problem one more time, the usher said they would be asked to leave.

As the usher explained this to the more apologetic of the officers, the other man leaned over and began whispering more obscenities into Jeff’s ear.

The usher caught on and kicked the group out. As they filed out of the row, the female officer got in Jeff’s face.

It happened too quickly to recall exactly what she said, but he knew it was something about “Bellevue’s finest.”

Jeff talked to security after the group was escorted out and confirmed at least one of the men was a Bellevue police officer.

The rowdy officers in the game are reportedly the same officers who went after a Seattle police officer before the game.

According to reports, the Seattle officer had asked one of them to pick up a beer cup he had just thrown on the street when they surrounded her and started taunting her. Another Seattle cop was so concerned for her safety that he called for backup. Even with other officers, a sergeant and a lieutenant, the Bellevue officers continued their insults and taunts.

SPD says the group was allowed to go into the game because no crime had been committed.

The Bellevue officers are being investigated.

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