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He warned us

Maybe Anthony Weiner enticed this 22-year-old unknowingly. In the latest online sex chat, the anonymous bedazzled young woman writes, "Your health care rants were a huge turn on." (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Anthony Weiner, former congressman, now candidate for New York City mayor, warned us when he kicked off his campaign that more inappropriate sex chats might emerge.

Sure enough, Monday – a gossip site called “The Dirty,” ran an online chat from last year that has every porn producer in America lining up for the rights.

Weiner’s co-author, we’re told, is an unnamed 22-year-old and Weiner, to hide his identity, used “Carlos Danger” as his nom-de-sex … to the delight of comedians in every English-speaking country.

But his wife Huma is standing by him, “I love him. I have forgiven him. I believe in him.”

She’s standing by him for the sake of their family. Even though this latest affair went on through last August – TWO months after People Magazine ran a piece headlined: Anthony Weiner “I Feel Like a Different Person.” Carlos Danger as it turns out.

“People have a right to say whatever they want – and I brought that upon myself,” said Weiner.

And maybe he even did it unknowingly. Because in the latest online sex chat the anonymous bedazzled 22-year-old, writes, “Your health care rants were a huge turn on.”

Since I happen have one on file – here you go ladies! “We are anti-competitive because of this health care problem and to not realize that ignores even the Republicans at that table at the White House. We had to fix that problem if we were going to fix the economy.”

Oh yeah. A little too much wine, a little too much Meet The Press … and you head straight for the computer.

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