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Soundgarden releases trailer for new album

Soundgarden has just revealed the album art and released a trailer for its new album "King Animal", the first since 1996. (Image courtesy Soundgarden.)

Soundgarden has just released a trailer for its upcoming album, “King Animal,” which is due Nov. 13.

Guerilla Candy reports the album’s first single, “Been Away Too Long,” will be released Sept. 27. And it says every member of the band contributed to the songwriting and lyric-writing process.

“King Animal” is the first album from the Seattle grunge legends since their 1996 release “Down On The Upside,” issued the same year the band split up. They’ve been working on its followup since they reunited in 2010.

Earlier this year, Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell told NME that the band’s followup to “Down On The Upside” would “pick up where they left off.”

“There’s a lot of different feels on the album. We’re a band where every single member contributes music so that makes it very diverse. It’s a very rich album with a lot of different moods to it,” he said.

The album was recorded at famed local studio, Studio X, with Adam Kaspar serving as producer. Kaspar is responsible for producing several excellent albums, including Queens of the Stone Age’s “Songs For The Deaf,” Foo Fighter’s “There Is Nothing Left to Lose” and “One By One,” Pearl Jam’s “Riot Act” and self-titled records, and Soundgardens’ “Live on I-5.”

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