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Seattle mayor includes more cops, gunshot locator system in budget plan

As part of his two year budget plan, Seattle's mayor hopes to expand the police force and buy a new automatic gunshot locator system. (AP file photo)

Seattle’s mayor wants a bigger police force.

“We’re going to hire 10 new police officers over the next two years. That will bring the total number of sworn officers to 1,310,” says Mayor Mike McGinn.

The cost will be about $1 million per year.

As part of his two year budget plan, McGinn also hopes to buy a new automatic gunshot locator system at a cost of $950,000 over two years.

He says the city would install up to 52 mobile gunshot locator units near hot spots, each having the ability to stream video.

The gunshot locators can determine if a gunshot has occurred within 4/10ths of a second, pinpoint the location to within a 50-foot radius, and determine the caliber of weapon that was fired.

His budget also includes $5 million to pay for 20/20 reforms and improvement plan as part of a use-of-force settlement with the U.S. Justice Department.

Complete details of McGinn’s proposed budget will be announced on Sept. 24.

KIRO Reporter Tim Haeck contributed to this report.

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