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College football player forced out of the closet, kicked off team


The official letter sent to Jamie Kuntz from his college football team said he was kicked off the team for lying. He thinks he was kicked off because he’s gay.

Jamie doesn’t think he’s the only gay man on the North Dakota State College of Science football team, but the others aren’t “out.” Jamie wasn’t either, at least not until he was spotted kissing his boyfriend in an empty press box during breaks between plays of a football game.

Ordered not to play due to a concussion, Jamie had planned on sitting on the bench for a game against Snow College in Pueblo, Colo. Instead, he was asked to film the game. He did so from a nearly-empty press box joined by just one other: his 65-year-old boyfriend.

“Yeah, there was kissing,” admitted Jamie. “But [it was] between plays.”

Jamie told The John Curley Show that they snuck a few kisses in between plays. He hadn’t messed up the team’s footage as some have claimed, though by the end of the game, the battery on the camera died.

After the game, he was pulled off the bus. Jamie initially lied about his boyfriend, saying it was his grandfather and of course, they weren’t kissing.

Back at school, Jamie received a letter saying he was kicked off the team because he “lied.” Since then he’s been battling rumors surrounding the incident. His dreams of one day playing in the NFL appear far-fetched.

Although the letter claims different, Jamie is sure that if he’d been up there with a woman, it would have been different. Even more so, if the woman had been 45 or 65, he would have been congratulated for bagging a ‘MILF’ or ‘Cougar.’

Jamie told Curley that on a podcast the coach pointed to multiple reasons he was let go from the team; many of which he refutes.

For now, Jamie remains off the field, and out of the closet.

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