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Too much? Mom potty trains kids in restaurant

This picture of a mom potty training her child in the middle of a restaurant has set off an Internet firestorm. (Image courtesy KSL TV)

Most parents are pretty tolerant when it comes to others struggles with their own kids. But a Utah mom who spotted another mom potty training her children in the middle of a restaurant says this case is just too much.

“She had two twins, two little girls about two-and-a-half years old, sitting on what I thought were booster seats,’ Kimberly Decker told KSL TV in Salt Lake City.

They weren’t. After doing a double-take, Decker says she realized the kids were sitting on portable toilets.

“She had to undo the jumpsuits, and take them all the way down so they were completely nude, with the jumpsuits down to their ankles just eating their chicken nuggets, sitting on little toddler potties,” Decker said.

A firestorm ensued after Decker posted pictures of the unidentified woman on her Facebook page.

“The more you thought about it, the more unappetizing everything looked around me,” Decker said. “I was like ‘This is not OK, we’re eating.’ There was a business meeting with about five or six businessmen going on right next to me.”

Decker says she’s a parent of three herself and can relate, but this was just too much.

But KIRO host John Curley says we should cut the woman some slack.

“It’s so extra hard to be a mom with twins that you almost feel like, you know what I need to operate on a different set of standards than anyone else.”

While he’s never potty trained his kids in a restaurant, Curley admits to traveling with portable toilets in his own car in case one of his own young children had to go.

“I’d have a red one and a blue one in the car. So they would sit on it and just do their business. And I was always praying it was number one not number two,” Curley recounts.

Curley says he would then dump the portable toilet out of his car, then run it over to destroy the evidence.

“Let me say this. It’s a little tiny kid, so it’s not that much number two.”

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