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Boy bullied in Gig Harbor as teacher watches

The parents of a Gig Harbor boy have asked for a criminal investigation after their son was terrorized in a bullying attack in his classroom at Kopachuck Middle School.

The incident happened in February and was captured on video. The then-eighth grade boy was held down and put under chairs while classmates drew on his feet and stuffed his socks in his mouth, all while the teacher was watching.

The teacher, John Rosi, even joined in by poking the boy in the stomach.

The school district said when they learned of the incident, they immediately put the teacher on administrative leave.

Officials watched the video in its entirety, and talked to students in the classroom, the victim and his parents to understand the full scope of the story.

“The teacher lost control of his classroom,” said Peninsula School District Acting Superintendent Charles Cuzzetto.

In school records obtained by The News Tribune, Rosi said he considered the actions normal horseplay and kids blowing off steam.

Rosi was reportedly suspended for 10 days and shipped to another school, but he did not lose his job.

The boy’s parents say that’s not good enough, and have asked police to look into the case.

The Pierce County sheriff’s office is now investigating.

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