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John Curley Show: Don’t take down those picnic table pyramids

Park officials in Spokane are trying to stop pranksters after discovering several pyramids of picnic tables over 25 feet high in the parks. But the John Curley Show thinks perhaps they should leave them standing.

“Wouldn’t it bring more people into the park?” asks producer Tina Nole. “With this wonderful thing, more people will come and enjoy the park.”

KREM TV-Spokane’s Jane McCarthy says everyone in town is talking about the mysterious towers and who’s to blame.

“If you’ve seen a picture, you think ‘How did they do that?'” says McCarthy.

Park officials have reportedly foiled multiple stacking attempts since the latest picnic table tower appeared on Friday. But Curley says, why not let them stack them.

“No one is using the park benches in the first place,” says Curley. “Stack them up, let people look at them and then there should be a sign next to it, ‘If you climb this or you stand near it and it falls on you it’s your own damn fault.'”

Tina and John agree that the spectacular picnic table displays could be a real draw for the city and parks department.

“Leave it up and let people awe at the wonder of it all,” says Tina.

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