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John Curley is addicted to the Olympics

Usain Bolt's interrupted interview is among the highlights of John Curley's Olympic addiction. (AP Photo)

TV ratings for the London Olympics are much higher than
anyone expected, perhaps in part because KIRO’s John
Curley and his family just can’t get enough.

“I don’t know what it is. I guess it’s the drama. It’s
the fact that everybody regardless of their ability to do
even a cartwheel suddenly becomes an expert in the most
obscure moves of having to do with the vault,” Curley

That hit home for Curley watching the gymnastics
competition during the past week with his aging father.

“Hey she didn’t get the takeoff she needed, she needed
better height on the takeoff,” Curley laughs as he
imitates his dad.

The KIRO host admits he’s also shed a few tears as well,
in large part because he’s a self admitted “wimp.”

Among the most emotional moments for Curley was during an
interview with Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who stopped
the conversation to recognize the playing of the United
States national anthem.

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