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Kanye lights up the Internet!

This CD cover image released by Def Jam Recordings shows "Yeezus," the latest release by Kanye West. (AP Photo/Def Jam Recordings)

Kanye Wests’ new studio album, “Yeezus,” is officially out and critics are amazed at the way he’s breaking all the rules.

“Mr. West has purposefully not promoted the album in a conventional way – with no album cover art and no advertising campaign.”

None at all. Except for projecting videos from the album on the walls of 66 downtown buildings and inviting people to record them with their iPhones. And it’s generating so much web traffic, I’ll bet even terrorists are having trouble getting through.

One of the most talked about cuts – “I am a God” – has critics enraptured by the religious theme here.

“It’s very much like a Christian song,” said one listener.

“Hip hop is very much concerned with haters and Jesus had the most haters and there is a link right there,” said another listener.

Speaking of haters – just a little heads-up – if you go to Kanye’s website to buy the album, it opens up with a spoof of American Pyscho where a guy is on a couch listening to his stereo, expressing indifference toward Kanye’s music.

“Hey, do you like Kanye West?” asks the first guy.

“He’s OK, I guess.”

At which point this first guy puts on a plastic rain coat, takes a stainless steel axe, and let’s just say that he won’t be needing his stereo anymore.

Critics are saying it will change music forever. I guess it would be like Kanye’s Sergeant Pepper album – except he seems a lot angrier than Paul McCartney.

Although at one point he does confess an innocent fondness for French pastry with the lyrics, “Hurry up with my damn croissants.”

And I know just as my generation now goes back to our vinyl copy of “When I’m 64” to play it for our grandkids, a younger generation will some day sit down with their grandkids and play “I Am A God” – probably on a Sunday, right before church.

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