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How do you fight back?


The latest allegation from national security leak-er Edward Snowden is that the NSA can make mistakes when hacking into computers – and when they do – the targeted system, which may be run by universities or a private business – can just crash.

Now does that explain why your desktop inexplicably froze the other day? I doubt we’ll find out.

But Snowden also said during an online chat from his undisclosed location if you’re trying to protect your data – “Encryption works … strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on.”

So you see, there IS something you can do if all this freaks you out.

Oh and I ran across this suggestion: You see, a lot of people, might respond to all this snooping by sucking up to the NSA, sprinkling their phone calls with “thank you for your service, listening to my boring phone calls.”

But the website Funny or Die is proposing a different tack.

“The only way to fight back against our country’s excessive wiretapping and data-mining is making it irrelevant,” explains comedian Trevor Moore in the video.

Make it irrelevant.

“That’s why we’re launching, ‘Everyone Talk Like a Terrorist, All the Time.’ If we all openly discuss terrorist plots in each of our phone conversations. Then eavesdropping on each of those phone conversations becomes pointless.”

And how that would work is like this:

“Hi mom, I just got out of school, can you come pick me up?” asks the daughter.

“I’ll be there in 15 minutes, I’ll use a truck bomb to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge,” replies the mom.

“I’m mailing anthrax to Piers Morgan,” answers the daughter.

Yes, that’s sure to fool them.

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