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Living on sunshine

Naveena Shine is trying to live only on sunlight and tea. (Facebook)

She’s been in the Daily News, the Guardian, and the Seattle Times.

“I think you can see I’m looking pretty healthy.”

A 65-year-old woman who lives just east of Seattle on the Eastside by the name of Naveena Shine hasn’t eaten for 45 days to test the concept that a human being can live on sunlight and tea.

“I still have no idea if it’s true that you can live on light.”

She’s a disciple of an Australian named Jasmuheen who claims to be able to live on sunlight, except that when Australian television invited her to do it on camera she lasted four days.

At least Naveena isn’t trying to go without liquids – she drinks tea with a little milk and a vitamin drink called Emergen-C, but nothing solid. And she is convinced that among other things it’s helped her arthritis.

“I was beginning to get a lot of pain from arthritis in my hands, and it looks as if there’s hardly any pain left.”

But as far as getting nourishment from sunlight – I think the verdict is in:

“Certainly I’ve lost weight. You can see it in my face and in my neck. You can actually see it all over the place because it’s true. I’ve lot weight.”

She’s lost 31 pounds, according to her video blog.

Years ago I interviewed a breatharian who claimed to live on air, who was later caught sneaking food at fast food joints, and I realize it’s an effort to be more closely in touch with nature than the artificial world typically allows. But what you have to consider is that nature, which rarely wastes anything, gave humans a stomach, and a digestive tract. There’s probably a reason for that.

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