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Microsoft’s Bing translating Klingon for release of ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’

Microsoft's Bing is offering translation from English to Klingon for Star Trek fans. (AP Photo/file)

There must be a lot of Trekkies at Microsoft. The company’s search engine is getting ready for the release of the movie “Star Trek: Into Darkness” this week with a site takeover, featuring a Klingon translator.

“tlhIngan DaH laD,” translates as “You are now reading Klingon,” using the translator tool.

The translator allows you to translate a number of different languages to Klingon.

Klingons are a fictional warrior race with boney foreheads featured in past Star Trek movies and TV shows. There’s been speculation that Klingons will make an appearance in the newest Star Trek movie set for release Friday.

“DaH SoH laH nuq jatlh chaH wIyajlaHbe’law'” (Now you’ll be able to understand what they’re saying), then again, “chaq wej” (perhaps not).

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