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Rush Limbaugh takes shots at Seattle gun ‘peace bricks’


Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is taking aim at Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn’s proposal to melt down guns and turn them into “peace bricks.” But the Mayor says that just means he’s doing something right.

McGinn unveiled his “Weapons to Words” campaign Tuesday.

“It’s a program that asks kids in Seattle to come up with a short quotation on the subject on gun violence,” McGinn said. “The quotations will be engraved on plaques using steel that has been upcycled from the guns recovered in our guns buyback program.”

Needless to say, Limbaugh derided the plan on his nationally syndicated show heard locally on AM 770 The Truth.

“And then what’s supposed to happen if you live in Seattle and you’re tempted to use a gun, you don’t. And you go to the nearest peace brick and you read it and that will inspire you not to use your gun,” he said sarcastically. “I kid you not.”

“Looks like we’re doing it right” McGinn replied on Twitter.

KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross thinks Limbaugh is shooting blanks.

“But what else can you do?! You can’t even pass a background check law, which an overwhelming number of Democrat and Republican voters think ought to pass. So politicians end up doing this stuff,” Ross said on Seattle’s Morning News.

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