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Oregon principal’s not-so-fair shooting drill

Dateline, Halfway, Oregon, Population 288 – near the Idaho border.

Two masked men wearing hoodies and carrying handguns burst into a teachers meeting at the Pine Eagle Charter School and started firing blanks.

It was an emergency drill, not a real attack, but no one told the teachers. They only realized it was a drill when they figured out they were still alive and uninjured, according to The Oregonian.

Students were not present on school grounds when the drill occurred.

The school principal said that the purpose of the drill, though frightening, was to gauge how teachers would respond and help them better act as guides for the students, in the case of a real attack.

Well now it makes sense.

Principal Cammie DeCastro said that based on the drill, not many of the teachers would have made it out alive.

So, for those of you against Charter Schools, keep in mind that this is another example of how these schools are thinking outside the box. Way outside the box.

Report by Seattle’s Morning News producer Owen Murphy

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