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Seattle Kitchen recommends: Best pizza

Tutta Bella’s pizza was listed among The Seattle Kitchen Show’s favorites. (

A trip to the newest pizza restaurant in Seattle got The Seattle Kitchen Show staff talking about the city’s best slices.

You don’t have to go to New York for really good pizza. There are dozens of great places right in town. “I think we have a lot of good pizza in Seattle,” said show host Thierry Rautureau.

The newest pizza place the staff visited is Ethan Stowell’s new Ballard Pizza Company. Co-host Tom Douglas said it’s been getting mixed reviews, but he thought it was a delicious slice for $2.50.

“It’s funny how we as consumers, restaurant people, us foodie types, we go into that thing thinking, wow, Ethan’s doing a pizza, it better be the best in the city,” said Douglas, adding that he doubts that was Stowell’s intention.

“It’s supposed to be delicious, New York style, big pie, big cheap slices,” said Douglas. “Enjoy it for what he’s trying to do.”

The whole staff agrees not every pizza is created equal, and different styles can serve for different cravings.

Seattle Kitchen contributor Katie O said Mario’s on Capitol Hill is popular for their big, hearty slices and their home delivery.

“It’s easy eatin’ pizza,” said Katie O. “You don’t really want fancy, highfalutin stuff there.”

For a fancier pie, Katie O said to try Delancey, “which is equally delicious.”

Of all the spots in Seattle though, she said her favorite is Proletariat in White Center.

“It’s just really good, solid pizza. It is family owned. The husband and wife are always working behind the counter.”

Rautureau suggests Via Tribunali and Tutta Bella for real, authentic Neapolitan pizza. He said he never gets the pies with the green peppers, but that’s just personal preference. “I actually hate green peppers.”

Douglas’s picks are Hot Mama’s Pizza on Capitol Hill, and after his recent tasting, he also recommends Stowell’s new Ballard Pizza Company, which is near the Tractor Tavern on Shilshole Avenue.

“This town is ripe with pizza joints at this point,” said Douglas, who owns his own pizza place, Serious Pie, on Virginia street.

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