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Why didn’t you tell us?

On Feb. 22, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood held a White House Briefing and warned of the flight delays once the furloughs took effect. (AP Photo/File)

On Wednesday, Congressman Harold Rogers of Kentucky, was fuming at the head of the FAA about the thousands of the delays at the nation’s airports.

“You didn’t tell us about what you planned to do. How come?” asked Rogers.

“Mr. Chairman, we’ve been talking about it since February.”

Since February 22, in fact. The day Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood held a White House Briefing.

“Flights to major cities, like New York, Chicago and San Francisco, as well as others could experience delays of up to 90 minutes during peak hours, because we have fewer controllers on staff,” said LaHood.

The briefing went on for an hour, and despite what congressman Rogers thinks, the secretary said exactly what he planned to do.

“We’re going to reduce the number of controllers, which will reduce their ability to guide airplanes in and out of airports.”

LaHood then re-clarified his clarification.

“It’s going to reduce the number of controllers which will reduce their opportunity to guide the same number planes that they would normally do, at full capacity.”

LaHood then predicted people would complain to Congress.
“And their phones are going to start ringing. ‘Why does this have to happen?'”

Why? Because Congress is determined to save taxpayer dollars. Even if it means they have to keep taxpayers sitting in the tarmac to do it. I guess they didn’t believe that part about the phones ringing because – taxpayers who are sitting on the tarmac aren’t allowed to make calls.

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