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Bored kids? Get them a ‘no whine’ kit

The Babbabox is one of several 'no whine' kits of arts and crafts aimed at keeping kids entertained. (Babbaco photo)

“There’s nothing to do” is a common refrain from kids and
now parents can get a solution sent right to their door.
Several companies are offering services that package and
deliver a box full of crafts and other activities every

The Wall Street Journal reviewed
some of them and gave them generally high marks. But
Seattle’s Morning News co-host Linda Thomas gives the
entire idea a big thumbs down.

“I think it’s ridiculous because number one, a child has a
problem if they’re bored. They all do get that way, but
they’ve got to find a way to creatively get out of that
boredom,” Thomas says.

And she argues it’s an even bigger problem for parents
that don’t have the creativity to come up with solutions
on their own.

One of the “no whine” kits includes all the makings for a
sock puppet, which makes Linda roll her eyes.

“Why not just tell them ‘Hey, create your own sock puppet’
instead of having a kit come to your door.”

The kits range in price from $10.95 to $29.95 a month,
depending on the service. Co-host Bill Radke doesn’t
see any problem with it.

“But that’s what companies do. They package stuff for
you. That’s what takeout food is,” argues Bill.

“I understand. If you make a lot of money and you’re busy
and if its only $15, I can see a lot of parents thinking
‘yeah I can do that,'” agrees co-host Tom Tangney. But he
admits he’s too cheap to ever buy one of the kits.

Linda says regardless of the cost, she would never buy one
for her kids.

“When they say they’re bored I always tell them ‘Well you
know, I’ve got some school worksheets you could do’ and
that solves it right there.”

Luckily, they can go over to Bill’s house and make sock
puppets with the kit he ordered as soon as it arrives.

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